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6241 Clone Stealth Speeder


Star Wars: The Clone Wars


Clone Trooper (Clone Wars)





6241 Clone Stealth Speeder is a 2012 LEGO Star Wars set. It only includes a clone trooper minifigure. It does not appear in any Star Wars media, for it is made by LEGO as a general Republic Speeder.


This LEGO set is very small, costing only $3. It has two turbines that are connected which helps make the speeder go to places at great speeds. The turbine's connections and thick metal plating makes the speeder very quiet. Both sides of the speeder have classic Star Wars blasters, which can changer direction to shoot enemies at all directions. The steering module is very sensitive, so clones with very steady hands must pilot them. Since it goes so fast, it must need to swirve around quickly to avoid crashes. The sides of the speeder have transperant pieces to avoid the speeder from tipping.


This set only has one minifigure, and it is a generic clone trooper. He still has the clone face under the helmet, but a black hairpiece also comes with the set, unlike the other sets. He has the detailed armor on his torso. He doesn't come with a blaster because he needs both of his hands to steadily steer the speeder. He can however, take the blaster off the side and use it.