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6242 Separatist Command Centre


Star Wars: The Clone Wars


Anakin Skywalker (Clone Wars)

Nute Gunray

Control Panel Worker

Mouse Droid

Gonk Droid





6241 Separatist Command Centre is a LEGO Star Wars set. It includes an interrogation room, a computer panel, a weapon holder, and a fridge. It includes five minifigures.


This set comes with four main models: the interrogation room, a computer panel, a weapon holder, and a fridge.

The interrogation room includes a red laser door which allows the interrogator to enter and exit. There is the blue light interrogation cell, and also some metal gates and a small control panel. The bottom of the room is made by a big baseplate.

The control panel has two tables, which both have slope bricks with printed buttons on then and rare computer-like pieces. There is also a swivel seat.

The weapon holder has three special weapons on them. Most of them are different then usual. One is an orange missle, the other is a white plasma blaster, and a red wacking beam stick. There is room for more weapons that you already own.

The fridge has a large hinged door, and is mostly made by white, gray, and yellow pieces. The inside includes some ketchup, ice cream, toaster crossaint, relish, barbecue sauce, Pepsi, and soy sauce.


Anakin Skywalker is exactly the same as he is in almost every other Clone Wars set he is in. He does not come with a lightsaber, since he is prisoner.

Nute Gunray is the same as he is in his one set too, except he comes with a blaster.

The Control Panel Worker is black and has glasses. He has a black and blue uniform, and an annoyed look. He is bald and has no weapon.

The Mouse Droid is the same as he is in other sets, except the small slope bricks are gray instead of black. Everything else is the same.

The Gonk Droid is different this time too, because it has no sticker on it and the black piece that holds the legs doesn't go in the center, but on the back.