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The Kraken


Pirates of the Caribbean


Sailor 1

Sailor 2


Will Turner

Elizabeth Swann (Disguise)

Bride Spirit

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The set will be based on the 1st time seeing the Kraken and also when Elizabeth Swann tricks the sailors of the Bride Spirit to get them to go to Tortuga.

The Kraken's body is made like a larger version of the atlantis squid's body. The mouth is bigger and has many rows of teeth. It greatly resembles the kraken from the videogame. The tentacles are blocks put together with joints. The suction cups are two rows of purple round pices going down the tentacles. It has a total of eight tentacles. They are connected to the flat pieces with round spinning pieces. They can be disconnected from the Kraken's body so that it can look like the body is under water. The Kraken has a programed battery in his body that lets spit out light sponges in the shape of lego bricks and lego fish.

The ship can be splitted in two with a push down brick like in the Venice Canal Chace. It is the size of Queen Anne's Revenge and has broadsides and all.

On the mast is a plank that a flat piece is slided into. There are strings connected to the brick. The strings can be connected to the sleeves of the wedding dress. When the flat plate is slid, it looks like the dress is moving to fool the sailors that it is a spirit.


Sailor 1: A plain man with a beard and brown jacket and a pirate hat.

Sailor 2: A man with a black beard, scar on his cheek, and a blue jacket and a pirate hat.

Captain: The captain is a beardless man in a brown jacket similar to Scrum's. He has a tricorn too.

Will Turner: The same as in the Cannibal Escape

Elizabeth Swann (Disguise): Elizabeth in a brown jacket and her hair is like a combination of Will's and Mutt William's from Indiana Jones but in the color her hair normally is and it is combined with a tricorn hat. The front of the hair is the style Mutt's is and the back is like the boyish ponytail that Will Turner and Philip Swift have.

Bride Spirit: The Bride Spirit is Elizabeths Yellowish-white wedding dress with no hands or head and no part to attatch a head to.


 The poster shows one sailor looking at the dress that Elizabeth is moving from the top of the mast. Will is hanging on tightly to the mast he is on looking at the Kraken who is holding sailor 2. The Captain is standing in fear looking at the large tenticles.