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7265 Ministry Work Desk


Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix


Harry Potter (casual)

Arthur Weasley

Percy Weasley

Kingsley Shacklebolt





7265 Ministry Work Desk is a 2012 LEGO Harry Potter set. It includes four minifigures, and around two models. It is more of a prototype then a real set.


This set has two parts: the Ministry desk and the phone booth. The desk has the Quibbler, a quill, and some ink. Then there is a tall pole that hase a crank connected to a rope. The rope is connected to the red and yellow phone booth, and cranking the crank will lift it like an elevator. Only one minifigure can fit in the booth.


Harry Potter is wearing his casual clothing in this set, and has his regular brown wand. He has the double-sided head, one expression with a smile and the other with a frown.

Arthur Weasley is making his second appearance in this set. He has no wand and is wearing his green jacket again.

Percy Weasley is exlusive to this set. He is more of a prototype of how he would look in a set than of a realistic-looking minifigure. He has a gray/black shirt and black pants. He has no double-sided head. He has his wand and a report.

Kingsley Shacklebolt is exclusive to this set, too. Once again, he looks a bit different then the real Kingsley. He wears glasses in the pictures, but in the real one he doesn't have any. He has a police-officer torso and black pants. He has a brown wand.