7296 Davy Jone's Locker


Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End


Jack Sparrow (Tricorne)

Jack Sparrow (Imaginary)





7296 Davy Jone's Locker is a hard to find 2012 LEGO Pirates of the Caribean set. It has two minifigures.


This set is basically a large 48x48 tan baseplate. It has two minifigures Jack Sparrow (Tricorne) and Jack Sparrow (Imaginary). A goat is also included, and five white crabs are includes, plus five studs that represent the rocks that the crabs can also be.


Jack Sparrow has his tricorne hat in this set. He has his brown jacket, too. Jack's accesories are a sword and his compass. He has the happy/scared double-sided head again.

Imaginary Jack Sparrow is exclusive to this set. He has the same hair as Jack without his hat. He has a plain white shirt, similar to the one that is under Jack's waistcoat. He has a gun and an exlusive peanut piece. He has the same double-sided head as the normal Jack.

The goat appears for the second time in this set. It is gray and white this time. It is based on the one in the film that is on the Black Pearl.

The crabs aren't exactly minifigures, but they are exlusive to this set, since they are white. There is also some studs that represent the crabs as rocks.


A poster is included in this set, and it is of multiple Jacks and the goat on the Black Pearl which is being carried by crabs.

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