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7298 Singapore is a 2012 LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean set. It is based on At World's End. It has over 500 pieces. There is 16 minifigures. It would be $100


This set will include:

-Sao Fang









-2 of Sao Fang's crew

-3 British Soldiers


-Will Turner

It will include 5 hot tubs, an underground bunker where Marty, Pintel, Ragetti, and Gibbs can all fit, gaps in the floorboard where they can throw swords up to Barbossa and Elizabeth. There will be a "steam" area, where Sao Fang will stand and a wall that can collapse, where Mercer and his soldiers attack through. The set will come with 7 swords, 3 muskets, and 1 pistol. It also has a hot tub, where Will is being held underwater. It also has cuffs to simulate him being tied up with the log.


Sao Fang's minifigure will look like he did at Singapore.

Will Turner's will look the same as The Cannibal Escape set.

Elizabeth will be a minifig, rare to that set, with dark blue robes.

Lian, Park, Marty, Pintel, and Ragetti will look as they did in the movie.

Gibbs will look like he did in the Black Pearl set.

Sao Fang's crew will be one very fat man and a skinny man.

The British Soldiers will look like they did in The London Escape set.

Mercer will look like he did in the movie.


The Poster will show the British busting in through the wall and Sao Fang, Barbossa, and Elizabeth fighting them, it will show the floorboard below them, where Marty, Pintel, Ragetti, and Gibbs are hiding. Sao Fang's men and Lian and Park will be in the background, Will Turner will be tied up in a hot tub.


- the left wall can burst apart.

-The hot tubs will be able to be filled with water and the minifigs can still sit on the studs on the bottom, simulating that they are in real hot tubs