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Alpha Company is military unit featured in The Prometheus Saga.

Forward Unto Victory: The story of Alpha Company

The beginnings of "A" Company trace back to the early days of the new Democratic Republic of Lego States, founded in December 2007 following a long civil war to oust its dictator. Several of its founding members fought in the resistance alongside future and current President, Edward D. Brick (PhD. Law, Dip. Pub. Spkg.).

Brick began rebuilding the nation's armed forces following his inauguration. Helped by weapons donations and training from various UN member nations, especially the United States, Russia and the newly-democratic Chinese, the military of Lego States became the most technologically advanced in the world, despite ranking second in the world in manpower. However, analysts estimate the increased need to unify the armed forces of Terra (Earth) alongside its alien allies means that it will double its force by 2015.

The military was split into five branches: besides the Army, Navy and the Air Force, there was the small but steadily growing Space Marine Corps and finally, the Black-Ops research and experimental warfare branch, Darkfire Special Operations Command (DSOC).

"A" Company was officially constituted in February 2008 as part of the Lego States Army 2nd Infantry Division stationed at Fort Dilworth Falls. The men and women serving "A", or Able as they came to be known, were the best trained and most ethnically diverse, no surprise given their founding members' key role in the birth of the nation.

In May 2008, "Porro Insquequo Victoria" ("Forward Unto Victory") was adopted as the company, and later the division motto. After the Barrington-Chang Act of 2009, in which the entire Lego States Armed Forces underwent a major restructuring program to better meet the challenges of warfare in the 21st Century, the unit was renamed Alpha Company to signify its modernisation.

A fact worth noting is that Alpha Company is the only infantry division in Lego States to be officially assigned to assist DSOC in all their combat and non-combat operations, deployments and other activities. It is known that many weapons systems successful field trialled by DSOC's Team Liberator are often rolled out to Alpha Company before any other unit in any other branch.

Alpha Company is slated to be the first to use the General Motors M3 Panther Fast Assault Jeep, as well as the Boeing D1 Liberator Heavy Dropship and Eurofighter* D2 Falcon Light Assault Gunship/Dropship.