Beckett's Office


Pirates of the Caribbean


Lord Cutler Beckett

Elizabeth Swann (Wedding)

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About the Set:

Beckett's Office is a small size set costing $20. It has two minifigures: Lord Cutler Beckett and Elizabeth Swann (Wedding). It has a desk with the letters of marque on it. It has a tall chair and a unfinished map on the wall. There are alsowanted posters of Will Turner, Jack Sparrow and Elizabeth Swann.


Elizabeth Swann (Wedding): Elizabeth in a whitish-yelllow dress. She has a cloth wedding veil attatched to her hair. She comes with a pistol, flowers, and a doll of William Turner. One side of her head is sad and one is normal.

Lord Cuttler Beckett: Beckett comes with a plain cutlass. He has short brown legs and a combined hat and hair like Will Turners and Phillip Swift's but in white. He has a brown Jacket with a yellow shirt underneath


The poster shows Elizabeth in the office holding a pistol to Beckett who is reluctantly giving her the letters of marque.

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