This is a booster pack for the Fountain Of Youth. It includes 10 minifigures and costs $14.99.


  • x3 Barbossa's Crewmembers
  • x2 Spanish Conquistadors
  • Spanish Admiral
  • Angelica
  • The Cabin Boy
  • x2 Zombies


  • Angelica: Cutlass
  • The Cabin Boy: Cutlass, blond hair, hat attached to blond hair
  • Spanish Admiral: Fountain Of Youth Cup, Cutlass, black hair ponytail with hat attached
  • Barbossa's Crewmember 1: Musket, hat
  • Barbossa's Crewmember 2: English Flag, Cutlass, hat
  • Barbossa's Crewmember 3: Cutlass, Musket, hat
  • Spanish Conquistador 1: Conquistador Helmet, Cutlass, Musket
  • Spanish Conquistador 2: Conquistador Helmet, Pistol, Knife
  • Zombies 1 and 2: Same as in Captain's Cabin
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