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Many AFOL's have expanded the fictional geography of LEGOLAND by adding places within and without it's imagined borders. Some have created entire worlds that exist almost entirely in writings while others have created elaborate communities built in LEGO bricks.

Cities, Towns and Villages

Inspired by the Town theme (later called City) several LEGO municipalities have been created. Many communities are protected by LEGO Fire departments.

Gazeteer of Cities, Towns and Villages

Whether brick-built, or imagined these are communites named by their creators.


The recent Knights' Kingdom series included maps and stories in and around the fictional Kingdom of Morcia. Great Brickain is another nation based on Great Britain. Dametreos is a kingdom created as part of the Classic-Castle Roleplay game.

The newest addition is the fan-created Democratic Republic of LEGO States, featured on the Alpha Company Forums as the home of the LS Army 2nd Infantry Division's "A" Company. Here, LEGO States is depicted as a separate landmass somewhere in the Pacific Ocean in an alternative-universe counterpart to the contemporary world.

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