Lego Ahab and Jezebel is a 2010 Lego silent film. The film is about the biblical story of Naboth's vineyard. It was directed by Valente Q. Castro from Quintero-Castro Studios. It is the first "brickfilm" centering on the Bible story of Naboth's vineyard.


King Ahab of Israel wants Naboth's vineyard, as a result Naboth will not sell it to him. A sad Ahab tells Jezebel about his wanting for Naboth's vineyard, so Jezebel sends the elders a notice to present false witness against Naboth and later stone him to death. The prophet Elijah is sent by God to confront Ahab.

Music and SequelsEdit

The opening music is by Toto's Africa

Two color, live-action remakes of Lego Ahab and Jezebel have been planned by Valente Q. Castro

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