Custom Lego Wiki

Basic Info:

Theme: Pirates

Minifigures: Mermaid; Mermaid; Mermaid; Sailor; Captain; Pirate.

Cost: $43

Set Descriptions:

The set is a medium size set. It has two rowboats and 7 minifigures. It will have a small island with a very tiny house that looks the size of higrids hut except it will be square. It will open up like Higrid's Hut too. Inside will be a kitchen with one window and a sink. Everything will be grey or dark purple except the plates and furniture. There will be 2 plates and a small brown table. There will also be a room with a laundry basket and a bucket that you will fill with blue studs. The ISland will have a blue clam on it and an orange crab.

Minifigure Descriptions:

Mermaid 1: This mermaid will have a blue tail like in the Piates of the Caribbean set but it will be dark blue. Her face will be double sided: One side with a innocent smile and one with an angry face. Her hair will be long and blonde.

Mermaid 2: She will have the same tail as the other mermaid but it will be dark green. Her head is double sided, ine side grinning one side angry. She will have black hair.

Mermaid 3: This one will look like the others but with brown shorter hair and a red tail.

Sailor: The sailor will have a shabby beard and a white hat and clothes. He will come with a spyglass.

Captain: The captain will be a normal captain with a red shirt, brown beard and brown hat with a white feather in it.

Pirate: He will have a gold tooth, brown vest and a parrot and gun