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Ninjago 2: Green Ninja

Ninjago: The Four Golden Weapons is the first game in online Ninjago platformer series. It revolves around the first season of tv show and ninja's beginings. The game was released on July 17, 2011.


You start as a ninja. You can move, jump, walk, run and use your weapons in combat. Every level has one ninja on quest to take their Golden Weapon of Spinjitzu. Each level is played with a ninja that belongs to certain weapon. Each level has enemies and coins that can be collected. There is a health bar and energy bar, once the energy bar is filled up you can do Spinjitzu move. Each level has it's boss in the end, which is a dragon.


The game has 5 levels.

Intro level (training)

Player's character: Kai

You need to pass the training course to learn basic moves.

Enemies: none

Boss: none

Level 1

Player's character: Cole

Go through the level to get to the Caves of Despare and get the Scythe of Quakes.

Enemies: Skeletons, Chopov, Kruncha

Boss: Earth dragon

Level 2

Player's character: Jay

Go through the level to get to the Floating Ruins and get the Nunchuks of Lighting

Enemies: Skeletons, Krazi, Nuckal

Boss: Lighting dragon

Level 3

Player's character: Kai

Go through the level to get to the Fire Temple and get the Sword of fire.

Enemies: Skeletons, Frakjaw, Samukai

Boss: Fire dragon

Level 4

Player's character: Zane

Go through the level to get to the Frozen Wastelands and get the Shurikens of ice

Enemies: Skeletons, Bonezai, Wyplash

Boss: Ice dragon

Level 5 (final level)

Player's character: Zane, Cole, Kai, Jay, Wu

Go through the Underworld to reach Lord Garmadon's fortress and defeat him by sending him through the vortex

Enemies: Skeletons, Samukai

Boss: Dark Dragon, Lord Garmadon