Skello head

Skello (Human)

Skello Jello is a part time Jedi knight. He fights a decendant of a Sith lord who survived The Battle of Russan. His wife, Jessica Jello, is a senator. he had three children; Skelly Jello, Alyssa Jello, and Aurek Jello. Skelly Jello married Elizabeth Taroand had three children: Gwenn Jello, Zoey Jello, and Joel Jello. Skelly was killed in an explosion of a Chiss radiation bomb explosion. Alyssa Married Rio Vay and became Alyssa Vay. She had one child; Juno Vay. Aurek married Jenna Quii. Skello disappeared around two years after Order 66.

Appearences Edit

Acid Duel, Gonk Base, Secret Skellotopia Base, Death Laser, Transport, Belkadaan Temple, Yellow Pox Kingdom, Repair Base, Alukcirb's Lair, The Arena, Sorrusla, Belkaddan Colony, Forest Elf's Hut, Secret Sith Mines, Felucia Base, Ithor Resistance Meeting

Special Edition Sets Edit

Grey World Limited Editon Character Pack, Origins Character Pack

Video Games/Movies Edit

Star Wars Expanded Version, Skello&Nave

Forms Edit

Skello (Baby), Skello (Jedi Knight) , Skello (Skeleton), Skello Human (First Appearence), Skello (Jedi), Skello (Long Hair), Skello (Acid Burnt), Skello (Brain), Skello (Test Robot), Skello (Robot), Skello (Synth-Skin), Skello (Spirit), Skello (Disguised)

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