Space Plan is a Collectible Minifigure The Show episode.

Plot Edit

The Deep Sea Diver is making notes. The Spaceman hears him and turns around. The Spaceman says "What are you doing here". The Deep Sea Diver says "Making notes". The Spaceman says "On what". The Deep Sea Diver says "The spaceship you are building". The Forestman walks in and says "Hello". The Spaceman and Deep Sea Diver look at him. The Forestman sees the spaceship and shots his Bow and Arrow. The Spaceman takes the spaceship out of the way. The arrow hits The Space-Pad. It starts burning and fires back at The Forestman. It hits him as he falls. The Deep Sea Diver kicks him out and locks the door. The Spaceman walks into the spaceship. The Deep Sea Diver hits a button to countdown. The Spaceship flys out. The Deep Sea Diver packs up his stuff and says "Its time for a long break". The Spaceman lands on the moon. He enters a station and walks to a counter machine. Soon he puts in Robot for the minifigure. The machine explodes into a Robot. The Spaceman walks backwards. The Deep Sea Diver transports to the station. When he sees the Robot he drops his stuff. The Spaceman trys to defeat the Robot. The Spaceman and Deep Sea Diver run away to the Spaceship. The Spaceship crashes into the space station. The Spaceman and Deep Sea Diver walk out as the Robot falls to the other side of the buliding. The Robot loses his head. The Spaceman looks out and sees the Robot and his head. The Spaceman closes the door very slower. The Deep Sea Diver drops his helmet. The Spaceman fixes his helmet and gives it to him.

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