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The Fictional Country template is a good starting point for documenting fan-created fictional countries based on LEGO or MOCs derived from it.

Copy and paste the following into an article. Fill in the information next to the "=" sign so that it can be displayed on the article. Here is an example for using the template:

{{Fictional Country
|LongFormalName   = <The official name of the country>
|CommonName       = <A shorter name for the previous entry>
|Flag             = <URL to an image of the country's flag>
|Motto            = 
|Anthem           = 
|Capital          = 
|LargestCity      = 
|GovernmentType   = 
|LeaderTitle1     = <The title of the most important leader e.g. King, President, Prime Minister>
|LeaderName1      = 
|LeaderTitle2     = <The title of the second most important leader e.g. Queen, Vice President>
|LeaderName2      = 
|LeaderTitle3     = <etc.>
|LeaderName3      = 
|LeaderTitle4     = <etc.>
|LeaderName4      = 
|SovereigntyType  = 
|EstablishedEvent = 
|EstablishedDate  = 
|OfficialLang     = <The official language of the country>
|Currency         = 

See the following for an example, in this case, one for the Democratic Republic of Lego States:

Democratic Republic of Lego States
(Lego States)
National Flag of Lego States.png
Motto: <unknown>
Anthem: <unknown>
Key cities
Capital: Blockington, BL
Largest City: Port Fairmark
Type: Constitutional federal presidential republic
President: Edward D. Brick
Vice President: Clayton Langley
Secretary of State & Speaker of the House: Ingrid Bergman
Secretary of Defense: Eugene A. Johnson
Independence: from Terramar
Date: December 2007
Official Language: English (de facto)
Currency: Dollar ($)