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The Fort Rescue


Pirates of the Caribbean


Jack Sparrow

Commodore James Norrington

Elizabeth Swann

Governor Weatherby Swann

Play Effect Pices:

minifigure launcher

light brick

Mechanic Pices:

Light Brick



About the Set:

The Fort Rescue is a set from Pirates of the Carribean: Curse of the Black Pearl. It is based off the scene where Jack Sparrow saves Elizabeth Swann, who has fainted from a tight corsette.

This set is a medium sized set. It has the fort Elizabeth falls from. The fort has 2x1 blocks on the balcony. One of them can be tipped to make a platform tilt. This is so you can make the effect of Elizabeth falling off the balcony. There is a large bell on the fort. The fort wall has holes with cannons pointing out of them.

At the bottom of the fort there is a light up brick. The brick has a on and off switch instead of a hold down button, unlike the other light up bricks. It is a foggy blue color that makes where it is look like it is underwater. There is a tan baseplate with the light on it and alot of seaweed, coral, clams, shells and crabs to make a very good underwater feeling.


Jack Sparrow: Jack is in his captains gear and comes with his compass and sword. He has a scared and serious face.

Commodore James Norrington: Norrington appears like in the videogame. He has a blue coat and his hat but this time he has a white Will Turner hair connected to the hat. His face is double sided. One is angry and one is serious. He has a sword and a blue dimond, representing a dimond ring for when he proposes to Elizabeth Swann.

Elizabeth Swann: Elizabeth is in her yellow corsette. She has a yellow necklace and comes with a removeable medallion necklace like in 6237 Port Royale. It is on a string that is put on before the head and hair somewhat like a cape. Her face is double sided, one side she is awake and one side she is fainted/sleeping. Accessories are a fan and the medallion.

Governor Weatherby Swann: Governor Swann has a slightly wrinkled head and a detailed blue coat. His hair is like Elizabeth's but grey and combined to a hat. His face is double sided, one face is serious one is nervous.

Playability Effect(s):

  • Turn Elizabeth's face to a fainted face or awake face!
  • Make Weatherby Swann nervous as Jack Sparrow saves his daughter!
  • Make Elizabeth drop off the fort into the water!


The poster shows Norrington yelling on the fort as Jack is carrying Elizabeth in the watter. Governor Swann is on the fort looking nervous.