The Park is a recreation area in LEGO City. There is alot of nature and wildlife there, including an apple tree, crabs, shells, bushes, and many spruce and pine trees. Susan, an inhabitant of LEGO City, often walks her dog around the park, and brings her baby girl, Abby. Also, there is a pond whee one can fish or swim. Amanda commonly swims here. There are three items of "play", a see-saw, a slide, and a sandbox. Jack can always be found here, playing in the sandbox. Finally, in one section, there is a a large asphalt area with ramps and jumps, meant for cycling and skateboarding tricks. It is a popular hangout for teens.


The park first began in 1939. At the height of World War II, many people wanted to get away from their homes, scared. One man, 45 year old, Jefferey Oldman, cut out a small area of woodland, and added the skate/bike park. As many cyclists and skaters were seen toying around in the area, Oldman decided to add on to the area.

Oldman wanted to make a more kid-friendly addition to the park, as many people did not know how to board. First he added a see-saw (teeter-totter). Then he created a small sandbox with a few moulds and buckets to build with. However, more people were still not coming. He realized that it was probably because the entire area was on asphalt. He tore up some of it, but still leaving some room for the bikers, and planted grass.

Then, Oldman got an idea for a see-through slide. He created a plastic one, made out of see-through plastic bricks. He made a stairway leading to the top, and placed ads in the daily newspaper. People were coming more often.

In 1944, Oldman watched as kids did jumps off ramps, threw sand at each other, and lay down in the grass, watching clouds. However, one thing was odd: everyone seemed to avoid the slide. Oldman approached it and realized that the material used to make the plactic see through, got sweltering hot in the sun. He planted an apple tree above it, creating shade and another part of the park.

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