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Story of Ice Planet 2010

Part 1 by GameGear360

  1. December 21 2009,
  • Excessive heat.
  • Chunks of rock crashing from the sky.
  • Meteor shower. Only 72 survivors.
  • Evacuation of planet Earth
  • Earth implodes into fire shortly after the launch of Neptune 1
  1. January 1 2010,
  • Ship lands on unexplored planet.
  • Discovering the planet is made of ice, the team searches around the planet.

Part 2 by BobaFett2

January 2, 2010;

  • The team sends scouts ahead. Ice Gems discovered.

January 5, 2010;

  • Roars are heard in the distance. Joey flees in terror back to the base and requests to be transferred back to Earth, which fails, since the Earth has been destroyed.
  • The mining begins in Ice Gem deposits.
  • A cave is found which appears to be closed in by rock but is indeed hollow.

January 6, 2010;

  • The ground where the miners are digging begins to shake, and the area is deemed unsafe. Mining begins in a different Ice Gem deposit.
  • New arrivals from the Moon Base arrive, including an expert Bounty Hunter named Jackknife.

January 10, 2010;

  • The ground where the Gems were dug from appears to be a scaly hide and the team send beings down to investigate.

January 11, 2010;

  • After a long trek, it is discovered that they had been ripping crystals out of the back of a giant, slumbering lizard.
  • Another wave of arrivals hailing from Mars. Among them is a top notch Blastminer known as Ricky The Big Bang.

February 4, 2010;

Ice Planet 2010 Scout Prototype

  • The miners all die of a mysterious disease, along with 12 other crew members. Only a team of 9 is unharmed, Joey, Jackknife and Ricky The Big Bang being among them.
  • The ground begins to shake.

February 5, 2010;

  • The strange cave opens, revealing a Giant Emerald, sparking with a strange energy.

February 6, 2010;

  • The ground bursts open, and a the cave containing the Giant Emerald blinks. The Lizard rises up out of the ground, but does nothing, simply standing immobile while the 8 survivors watch in horror.

February 8, 2010; After days of inactivity, the lizard transforms into a sleek starship with a black hull and dark blue tinted windows. It rockets off into space, leaving behind a secret map and some important logs (the book kind).

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Parts of Scout

Part 3 by GameGear360 and BobaFett2

February 17, 2010; The crew now only includes:

  • Joey
  • Jackknife
  • Jimmy
  • Ricky The Big Bang
  • Freddy
  • Chase
  • Flex
  • Hank

The guys split into two teams. This is team 1's story.

Team 1

  • Jackknife
  • Hank
  • Freddy
  • Chase
  • Joey

February 18, 2010;

  • Hank, the proffesor, begins to decode the logs.
  • Jackknife begins to hunt for strange runes.
  • Freddy searches for the wreck of his small space cruiser, in hopes of escaping with his life.

March 28, 2010;

  • Hank has decoded 1 of the Logbooks.
  • Freddy finds his Star Cruiser in a wreck. He tries to get Joey, the mechanic, to fix it, but instead Joey uses it to start construction of a base.
  • Water supplies are low.

March 30, 2010;

  • Water supplies are critical.

April 1, 2010;

  • Chase discovers a large supply of water coming from the core of the planet.
  • A strange wave of illness washes over the crew members, with only Jackknife, who was away at the time, unaffected.

April 2, 2010;

  • Dr. Chase finds a cure to the illness.
  • Jackknife comes back with more scrap with which to build the base.
  • Freddy, a pilot, gets Joey to build him a small land bike.

April 4, 2010;

  • Freddy encounters some monsters while exploring.

This is team 2's story.

Team 2

  • Jimmy
  • Ricky The Big Bang
  • Flex
  • Spike, a native Chain-Chomp who is friendly.
  • Jamie

February 27, 2010

  • A group of professionals is sent, including Spike, Jimmy, Allen, Sam, Bill, Rob, Kyle

February 28, 2010

  • Group of individuals located.
  • Found to be part of previous shuttle launch
  • Ricky falls ill.

March 16, 2010

  • Jimmy goes missing with Spike
  • Flex cures Ricky
  • The new team splits into team 3.

April 7, 2010

  • Jimmy returns fatally injured with scratches and scars all over his body
  • Tells story of being attacked by aliens
  • Spike is missing

April 9, 2010

  • Search party goes out for Spike.

This is team 3's story. Team 3 are the people found by Team 2.

Team 3

  • Allen
  • Sam
  • Bill
  • Rob
  • Kyle

May 19, 2010;

  • A new group of scientists and mechanics are sent to scout out the planet and aid the miners.

July 30, 2010;

  • A strange affliction kills most humans on planet Mars, leaving only a small handful of beings alive

August 1, 2010;

  • Kyle, a mechanic, goes insane with boredom, killing Sam and running off. He is found dead shortly, with strange marks on his face.

August 2, 2010;

  • Rob encounters a Rock Raiders vehicle, but not knowing what it was, uses it for scrap to build a base. Allen and Bill try to stop him but he takes the vehicle apart.

August 10, 2010;

  • The base is finished.
  • Jackknife finds himself lost in a wasteland on the planet. He goes hunting for more creatures and tries to find his way back.

August 20, 2010;

  • More Rock Raiders craft are discovered and used to build new airships and land vehicles.

August 21, 2010;

  • Bill falls out of a land vehicle and is squashed flat by a landing airship.
  • Allen, in desperation, builds a radio transmitter and begins transmitting signals which he hopes will be received by humans, unknowing that they are almost all dead.

Team 4

  • James
  • Will
  • Simon

December 10, 2009;

  • James, Will and Simon flew away with their own spaceships.

August 21, 2010;

  • James detects a radio signal.

August 23, 2010;

  • Simon deciphers the map.

August 27, 2010;

  • Simon, James and Will decide to fly to the source of the signal.

September 1 , 2010;

  • On their way Will sees a alien space ship. The aliens shoot at them with laser guns on their spaceship.
  • In the last moment the humans escape.

September 3 , 2010;

  • James, Will and Simon reach the beginning or the signal.

September 4, 2010;

  • James, Will, and Simon crash into Ice Planet 2010.
  • They contribute their knowledge to the mission

September 5, 2010;

  • Simon gets Joey to build him a underground transport system and gets Ricky to begin blastmining for him.

September 30, 2010;

  • The underground tunnel system is finished.


Part 4

October 14, 2010;

  • Team 3 is dis-formed. Allen joins Team 4 and Rob to Team 1. Team 1 is renamed Insectoids. Team 2 Exploriens and Team 4 to Roboforce.

October 19, 2010;

  • Aliens attack. Ricky, Spike, Allen and Rob go missing. Some of them were never seen again.

October 28, 2010;

  • Jamie, Jimmy and Joey build a radio from scrap.
  • Chase finds out what happened when the Rock Raiders landed here in 2002 and why they disappeared. They were killed by the aliens.

October 31 2010;

  • Jamie, who is psychic, sees the future: only 11 will survive. Jimmy, Hank and Simon build the mothership. On December 13, they will launch to go home.

November 2, 2010;

  • Spike is recovered using the blood of a dead alien.

December 13, 2010;

  • The shuttle launches off the planet. The survivors:
Spike the Chomp

December 19, 2010;

  • The shuttle rumbles.
  • The source: fuel. The ship's fuel supply was punctured. It will have to land somewhere.

December 31, 2010;

  • The ship has to land on a planet. Hank kicks the ground, and uncovers some ice. The crew has landed on another Ice Planet.

Stay tuned for the sequel: Ice Planet 2010 II: The Freezing to come out by January 10th 2010.

By: GG360 BobaFett2 FreddyderHamster