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Titanium Man is a minifigure in the theme, Iron Man: Armoured Adventures.


In Titanium vs. IronJustin Hammer uses the armor to destroy Iron Man, who is wearing his Stealth Armor, after he twice sneaks into his company and tries to delete the Iron Man specs that he bought from Ghost. Titanium Man easily overpowers Iron Man and critcally damages War Machine. He chases them around the city and destroys Iron Man's empty suit. He spots the pilot and starts shooting missiles at him and misses. War Machine eventually recharges and Iron Man suits up in his Mark II armor. They fight Titanium Man and they shoot a continuous repulsor beam, setting his armor in flames. Iron Man explains when titanium is heated, it never stops burning. Hammer retreats to his headquarters where Blizzard cools down the armor, but it is now a melting wreck.


70714 Titanium Battle

70727 Iron Monger Attack