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A Wolf-Owl

Wolf-Owls are an avian species that has a very large military. Though their civilization is divided based on gender, this has nothing to do with being sexist.


Wolf-Owls have short legs and torsos with wings. Their heads are unprinted and black/yellow and they have the CHIMA wolf heads on top.

When in the military, they wear the battle armor from the Space Marine. Females are Brown or Dark Grey, and males are White, Light Grey, Dark Grey, or Black. The elite members have yellow eyes, and squad leaders have flat, transparent studs on their chests.

Their childeren are not yet fledged, so instead of wings, they have normal minifigure arms. They don't wear sleeves, since their arms are still wings, however.


Wolf-Owls have been at war with the Battopians for years. Only males are in the army, and females do non-army things, but a female can gain just as much glory for succesfully breeding a new species of hybrid or other such thing as a male can gain for leading a conquering army. The Timber Wolfpack is the elite Wolfpack in charge of the army.

Other animals

Wolf-Owlets sometimes get pet cats or dogs, and farmers will keep goats and chickens, and sometimes use dogs to herd their goats. They use pigs as beasts of burden, due to their handlessness.


Wolf-Owl houses have perches in stead of beads, and the doorways are to small for the taller races.

Designer's Notes

I designed something similar before a designed them, but they were black with red eyes and were evil.